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Shop Assistant is a guided selling system that enables online shoppers to find and buy the product that’s right for them…resulting in higher conversion rates and more sales. Easy to deploy and manage on any website.

Shop assistant has proven itself as being a winner in increasing the conversion rate on e-commerce website. We’re so confident, we offer a “Conversion Increase Guarantee”.

We’ll help you set up Shop Assistant on your website. If after a week it hasn’t increased conversion rates we won’t charge you a cent.

For Manufacturers & Distributors

Develop a direct to customer sales channel

Manage your sales message

Streamline the sales process for dealers


For E-commerce Stores & Retailers

Improved conversion rate

Sell technical & custom products online

Establish customer empathy and trust

Guided selling made easy

Shop Assistant is an easy-to-configure, guided selling plugin you can add to your e-commerce site.

Define the questions to help a customer decide on the best product, set the answers and best products for each question and the software creates your own online shop assistant for you.


Smarter Guided Selling
Shop Assistant adds the 'human touch' to the online shopping process, making it easier for people to choose the products they want and buy.
Improved conversion rates
Shop assistant has proven itself a winner in increasing e-commerce conversion rates on. We’re so confident, we offer a “Conversion Increase Guarantee”.
Plug-in toolset
Feature-rich and easy to work with, Shop Assistant simply plugs into your website template and connects to your e-commerce system.

Smarter guided selling in action
The video above shows
Guided selling camera selector
Watch how Shop Assistant can help make choosing easier.

Ask – Understand – Recommend – Sell

These are the steps to a satisfied customer.
The guided selling process reassures the customer and makes them more likely to buy.



Generic Whiteware Selector


Sleepyhead Bed Selector


Swann One solution finder


The Right tool for the Job


Swann Solution Finder


Protect Crete Selector


Camera Shop Selector


Yakka Footwear Selector


Resene Paint Selector

The feedback from our customers about the Shop Assistant guided selling tool has been very positive.

“Many people have commented that it's very simple and easy to use. It's been of great value to our business as a starting point for customers entering the market to get helpful information online in a category that has traditionally been cluttered and confusing for many customers.

Shop Assistant has given us the tools to engage the end consumer directly, generate sales leads and then direct these leads onto our retail network which has helped to improve sales conversion.”

Sleepyhead New Zealand
Warren Roach, Group Digital Marketing Manager

100% positive feedback – has been a great tool to pitch to retailers!

“It has helped us make a not so well known product category more familiar - in a fun way! Adds a lot of value by helping users who are not familiar with CCTV/Security category make a more informed choice re what product would work for them. Invaluable metric! - Great for seeing which products our users are choosing from a large range.”

Swann Communications
David Saunder, Web Marketer - Global Marketing

The Team at Shop Assistant have been amazing to deal with.

“The Camera Finder was easy to set up on our website & customers started using it right away.

As a photo specialist it is nice to have a point of difference and the camera finder does exactly that. We do everything we can do to increase our website conversion.

The Team at Shop Assistant gave us a great asset to our online store.”
Colin Stables

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