Ask, understand, recommend, sell.

Add a product selector to your website and you’ll see higher conversion rates and more sales, guaranteed.
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Welcome to Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant is a guided selling tool that helps online shoppers to find and buy the product that’s right for them, resulting in higher conversion rates and more sales.

We’ll help get your Shop Assistant product selector up and running. We work with you to define the questions, answers and best products to match each question. We define the data and connect to your e-commerce system. Our software does the rest for you.

Shop Assistant – Create

The cost-effective option that is easy to implement and manage. Increasing conversion rates on your e-commerce site could hardly be easier or cheaper.

Shop Assistant – Premium

The custom-built option that is tailor-made just for you, with a user interface database and algorithm designed to meet your specific needs.

For Manufacturers

Improve sales and support your retailers using our guided selling tool to sell to consumers through your own website or through your retailers' sites.

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Shop Assistant - Create examples

Shop Assistant – Create product selectors are quick, easy and cost effective. Increasing your conversion rate has never been easier.

Shop Assistant - Premium examples

Shop Assistant – Premium product selectors are custom built to meet specific needs.

Shop Assistant options

Shop Assistant - Create

Simple, quick and easy to deploy. This is the most cost effective way to increase the conversion rate on your e-Commerce website.

Shop Assistant - Premium

Completly planned and developed just for you, all bells and whistles included. Includes a discovery stage and custom interface designed to met your specific needs.

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