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Add a people-loving salesperson to your website

Online business is becoming increasingly personal.

E-commerce websites are increasingly able to tailor content to individual usage and needs and web users expect personalised experiences more often.

From buying books to booking airfares, the purchasing process is slicker than ever before, but are the manufacturers of consumer goods also getting better at personal sales? Are they optimising their sales pages to sell their more complex product lines online?

Well, no. Most still rely on popularity (i.e. highlighting top-selling products), just as if they too were selling books and airfares. What’s missing is the human touch — helping a customer find out where and how they can use a product, and which product is the best fit.

Traditionally it was thought that purchases with multiple decision points required an actual human to stand by. Someone that can ask questions, listen, and respond to a customer’s needs, building trust and that feeling of connection.

But really, all that’s needed is a human touch, and that’s where Shop Assistant comes in.

Shop Assistant can provide a friendly face for your web customers — up-front and centre, greeting your customer, establishing a rapport. But it can also listen. Really listen, and ask thoughtful questions. This builds engagement and trust. The potential customer thinks, “Hey, I’ve had answers to all the questions I’ve been grappling with. Now I know which product is best, and why.”

It’s time to add a people-loving sales assistant to your website, someone with unrivalled product knowledge, and great personality.

Get Shop Assistant.

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