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Connective Retailing restores age-old link with consumers

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Wired Internet Group’s Mike Baddeley says modern retail has seen the loss of the manufacturers’ product knowledge in the sale process. “Connective Retailing,” he says delivers this knowledge to the consumer through the retailers’ different channels.

Wired Internet Group works closely with manufacturers and retailers to restore consumer connection and to rediscover the market.

When the retailer, the manufacturer and the consumer are brought together, there is an increase in product knowledge, affinity, brand value and retail sales.

Connective Retailing uses Shop Assistant technology to ensure a better fit for the specific needs of the consumer, resulting in a quality product differentiation, relationship trust and a satisfied customer, rather than a one-time price only purchase.

Consumers increasingly want an authentic experience which includes understanding more about the source of the product and knowing why it is the best-fit for their specific requirements.

There was a time when the manufacturer could speak directly with the consumer. It enabled the manufacturer to answer specific usage questions, understand consumer likes/dislikes and ensured that the consumer always had access to the latest information about products and services.

As long-distance shipping became viable and product diversity grew, so did the separation of the manufacturer and the consumer.

It was thought that mega stores and more product selection would be good for all parties, whereas the reality is that consumers are often overwhelmed with choice, retailers are constantly investing in product education and manufacturers are no longer connected with the consumer.

Physical stores remain popular because the consumer can touch the product, they can get the item immediately, and they can verify the product’s suitability. In the absence of accurate in-store product information, consumers have taken to the internet to search for manufacturer details that should be available at a retail level.

Connective Retailing adds expertise and confidence to the consumer retail experience, whether that is in-store or online. The brand representation remains unified across all channels and as a result the consumer is better informed and more confident re product suitability, and more likely to purchase the product or service.

Connective Retailing brings the retailer, the manufacturer and the consumer closer together.

Mike Baddeley is managing director of Wired Internet Group. Retailers using its Shop Assistant sales tool are Myer, Farmers, Best Buy and Smith City.

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