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Sales, personality, and ditching the stereotype

Being human, but also unique individuals, how do we respond to a guided online sales process?

As shoppers, we all respond differently to different salespeople, from wanting to open our wallets, to wanting to bolt for the door.

That is because both shoppers and salespeople are somewhere on the continuum of extrovert to introvert. We range from being outgoing and talkative to withdrawn and reflective, and anywhere in between.

The classic salesperson is charming and persuasive, imparting knowledge while being super-bubbly. An extrovert. This person definitely has sales strengths. (Although shy shoppers may feel uncomfortable with this person.)

Introverts would seem to be on the back foot, maybe even hiding behind the counter. However, marketing research is increasingly showing that while introverts find approaching customers more challenging, they tend to be better at generating trust. They ask about a customer’s needs, and take the time to listen and understand.

There is also a recently discovered, but remarkably numerous species: the ambivert. Neither introverted nor an extrovert, but displaying features of both, the ambivert salesperson provides a warm greeting, a friendly face, good knowledge, and great listening skills.

So what does that mean if you are wanting to sell goods online? Particularly, goods that need a human touch when being sold?

Shop Assistant is designed to be the perfect ambivert. It is warm and friendly, and asks the right questions before recommending the perfect product. At the end of the process, customers feel they are understood. That’s really important in choosing or recommending a specialist product.

As the saying goes, you have two ears and one mouth — and it pays to use them in that proportion.

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