For Manufacturers

Sell online and support your retailers at the same time

Add the power of Connective Retailing to your sales channel.

Improve sales and support your retailers by using our guided selling tool to sell to consumers through your own website or through your retailers’ sites.

Here’s how Connective Retailing works…

Read our “Sell direct, with out selling directly” white paper for more information.


  • Develop a direct to consumer sales channel.
  • Showcase your entire product range.
  • Manage the sales message throughout the process.
  • Educate your dealer networks and retail sales teams.
  • Create plugins for your resellers’ websites.
  • Generate, manage and measure leads through to distributors and retailers.
  • Educate end users about your products.
  • Highlight USPs of your products.
  • Provide upsell opportunities for accessories.
  • Develop your market knowledge…what are clients actual requirements.

Shop Assistant - Create

The cost-effective, easy to implement option for adding a guided selling tool to your e-commerce website. Increasing conversion rates on your e-commerce site could hardly be easier or cheaper.

Shop Assistant - Premium

The custom-built option that is tailor-made just for you, with a user interface designed to meet your specific requirements. Best used for complex products with multiple components and or configurations.

Shop Assistant can be used with any modern e-commerce platform

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