Shop Assistant – Premium

Custom-built guided selling

We partner our interface, database and algorithm design skills with your product and market knowledge to create an experience for your customers that will set you apart from your competition. Our guided selling technology is able to handle complicated, option-rich products with many components and or configurations.

Discovery stage

  • We investigate the feasibility of creating a Shop Assistant for your marketplace.
  • We create a question flow plan and interface designs based on our findings.
  • We estimate the development costs involved to make the Shop Assistant a reality.

Building stage

  • We build the database structure to support the Shop Assistant.
  • We build the responsive user interface.
  • We work with you to create the algorithm that will determine what products to recommend based on the customer’s choices.

Deployment stage

  • We import the final product data.
  • We conduct extensive user testing across multiple platforms.
  • We fix any bugs that may have slipped past the developers.
  • We deploy the Shop Assistant, either to your website or as a stand-alone site.