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Guided selling…Is it right for your product category- When looking at improving the conversion rate on your website whether that be an enquiry, or a product purchase, guided selling can appear to be a profitable track to go down. But…before embarking on the Guided selling route it is important that you review the appropriateness for your product category. When going thru this process […]
How to fix poor e-commerce conversion rates- Even as 2016 draws to a close, e-commerce conversation rates still don’t compare to bricks & mortar stores, and retail sales offline are still out-performing online. Sure, e-commerce is growing in popularity, but US Census Bureau stats from the third quarter of 2016 show e-commerce sales only account for 7.7 percent of total retail sales […]
Dire recommendations … you won’t like this!- The related products feature on most e-commerce sites is useless. Why is this? I heard in the news that Walmart recently paid $3 billion for an e-commerce website start-up named to help them combat I’d never heard of this site as they don’t do much promotion in New Zealand, but it looks like […]
Shop Assistant…the guiding hand in creating a satisfied customer- Why would you want or even need a shop assistant on your website? Quite possibly for exactly the same reason that you’d have a shop assistant in a physical store. In some instances the shop assistant in a physical store is merely there to take the money and stop people taking goods without paying for […]