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5 Tips To Improve Post Purchase Customer Experience - If you finish paying attention to customers once they have completed a sale, you are foregoing the chance to convert them into loyal customers.
Conversational Ecommerce Is Where It’s At - Whether the digital revolution is your friend or foe, society is driven by technology. It continues to shape how we live, work and shop. From booking an Uber to ordering a takeout dinner, it takes but a moment and a few clicks to accomplish these tasks. No more waiting in line, battling with crowds or […]
Your Customer Experience Strategy In 2021 - 2020, with it’s onset of Covid, accelerated the adoption of ecommerce within a matter of months. Customer attitudes and behaviors evolved at an equally rapid pace. Businesses reacted to the changing environment quickly although their customer experience strategy was often left behind. The cold hard truth is that business needs to adapt to the ever-changing […]
Why Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Is So Low - A reasonable ecommerce conversion rate is essential for optimizing an ecommerce store. Low conversion rates affect your profits. Find out why this happens and what you can do about it.