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The online store-within-a-store

It’s time for manufacturers to set up online shops – inside their retailers’ websites.

An attractive new retail option has opened up online for manufacturers, in partnership with retailers: the online version of a store-within-a-store.

The store-within-a-store works well in bricks-and-mortar shops already. From cosmetic and Nespresso stands in department stores to glitzy Apple and Samsung pavilions in electronic stores, we all love finding our favourite products at one handy point-of-sale spot in our favourite shop.

As well as being profitable and less costly than having a full-sized store, the store-within-a-store is refreshing for manufacturers. It’s a break from their own tech-focused viewpoint, and a chance to get closer to their retailing partners. In a store-within-a-store, manufacturers gain more control than usual over their sales message via product presentation and merchandising.

A beautifully designed and expertly staffed stand stands out in the customers mind: it is handy, the staff ask the right questions, and their recommendations make total sense. In a nutshell: the manufacturer’s brand does well out of it.

So if it works so well in the “real world”, why not e-commerce?

The advantages are very similar. The manufacturer can control how shoppers experience their brand. They can also combine their significant product knowledge with their retailer’s selling skills, to produce an online guided selling tool that adds a human touch to the online shopping experience.

This level of cooperation between manufacturers and their retail partners, providing customers with world-class sales advice from their local retailer, is another example of Connective Retailing in action.

In the online world, as in the physical world, a store-within-a-store is a store with more.

Photo by Flazingo Photos