Bringing the human touch experience to the online world

How retailers can engage with consumers online to create confidence and deliver conversions.

Online Stores have a poor sales conversion rate compared to their bricks and mortar counterparts. The underlying reason is that online stores lack the “human touch” that gives customers the confidence to make the purchase.

When looking at the reasons for a higher conversion rates for bricks and mortar it’s any one of the following reasons…stock availability, ability to touch and sample, visual engagement (merchandising), plus staff empathy, understanding and recommendations, which we refer to as “the human touch”.

Adding the “human touch” by using a guided selling system gives customers the confidence required to make a purchase. Without this confidence they click away…to another site.

With this confidence we’ve seen online conversion rate increases of up to 137%.

Adding a customer focused ‘human touch” through guided selling is all about Asking, Understanding, Recommending and Selling. It may seem old fashioned, but it’s very effective.

What if you could easily increase your conversion rates by using guide selling?


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