Sell direct, without selling directly

How manufacturers can transact with consumers and increase their market penetration without alienating existing distribution partners.

This white paper tackles the challenges facing manufacturers today due to the disruptive nature of the Internet and the impact that this is having on established distribution relationships with retailers.

It shows how manufacturers, using Connective Retailing, can reclaim a direct relationship with their end consumers, while helping the consumer buy better and rebuild the partnership with their retailers.

Manufacturers are launching new products at an ever greater rate in an effort to be relevant and current. One direct result is increasing pressure on retailers to keep abreast of product changes and to educate and support their staff accordingly.

Given this, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many retailers are unable to adequately represent manufacturers’ product range and confidently recommend the ‘right’ product to the consumer.

In an effort to sell more, a number of manufactures are trying to sell directly to consumers, resulting in a conspicuous cross-channel conflict.

Clearly neither model is working properly and in many cases it’s blunting both the manufacturer and retailer’s sales potential.

Over the past years Wired has been studying this conundrum, working with manufacturers and retailers to conceive of a model that might bring out the best in both the manufacturer and the retailer, without the conflict.

Connective Retailing is the result. It is a guided selling approach where the manufacturer can have more control and visibility, as well as help the retailer sell better and sell more.

What if you could sell direct, without selling directly?


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