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Supermarket Shopping During Covid-19

Helping Consumers Decide & Buy During Covid-19

In 2020, nearing a third of the worldwide population has been under some form of policy whereby they are to remain at home. In a very short period, our lives have completely changed but the need for consumer products hasn’t fallen. Rather, trends have shown that certain types of products are needed on a weekly basis and that the users are turning to digital channels to buy them.

Before Covid-19 came to the world’s attention, 67% of consumers said that retailers needed to do more to assist their purchasing decisions online and that they preferred to visit a physical store to make decisions about a purchase. Without being able to browse or visit a store, retailers must adapt.

1. Build Trust

According to a Forrester report, “brands need to cultivate a lasting sense of trustworthiness” at the moment. What does this mean in reality, though? Think about what products within your range help to make life easier when being at home for an undefined period, promote safety or are an essential for day-to-day living. Consumers aren’t looking for the newest invention or gadget at this time – they are instead searching for practical products that they need.

2. Help Them Find The Right Product For Them

64% of consumers opine that it’s important a retailer provide guidance to products that suit their unique needs. This means businesses should adopt technologies that reduce the amount of options and choices so that the shopping experience becomes easier for the user.

3. Cultivate Confidence With Guided Selling Experiences

Shopping happens at any hour of the day which means that customers need assistance at whatever time they happen to be actively searching for a product. Typical customer support services are only available during business hours which can make the customer delay their purchase to a time when support is online. As a result, support must be available beyond the 9-5 work day. Conversational search is an all-hours solution which helps shoppers find products, relevant to them, at whatever time they happen to be shopping. Consumers are expecting that a business will satisfy their needs, and give them the confidence to add an item to their cart, so the focus should be on relating product benefits and attributes to the needs and wants of the shopper.

4. Make a Positive Impact, Be Helpful

The effect of Covid-19 on the evolution of ecommerce will become apparent as society finds it’s way through these trying times. Brands and retailers need to respond with support and guidance that makes shopping a simple and hassle-free experience. Customers should be able to find what they are seeking quickly and easily.