The online store-within-a-store

It’s time for manufacturers to set up online shops – inside their retailers’ websites. An attractive new retail option has opened up online for manufacturers, in partnership with retailers: the online version of a store-within-a-store. The store-within-a-store works well in bricks-and-mortar shops already. From cosmetic and Nespresso stands in department stores to glitzy Apple and […]

When manufacturers and retailers partner online

Creating online synergies between manufacturers and retailers boosts Connective Retailing Wise manufacturers see their retailers as key allies, with networks, real estate, and expertise to sell things better than they can – but the temptation to go direct is real. Our previous post discussed the perils of manufacturers being left out of the sales process. […]

There is a new breed of consumers – and they are demanding to be treated as individuals

[ SOURCE: ] Despite the success of online retail websites, in-store sales still dominate and consumer preference for a physical in-store experience is rising. Consumers go to the store to touch, feel, try on and get reassurance that their purchase will fulfil their specific requirements. They use their mobile technology to search for detailed […]

Connective Retailing restores age-old link with consumers

[ SOURCE:  ] Wired Internet Group’s Mike Baddeley says modern retail has seen the loss of the manufacturers’ product knowledge in the sale process. “Connective Retailing,” he says delivers this knowledge to the consumer through the retailers’ different channels. Wired Internet Group works closely with manufacturers and retailers to restore consumer connection and to rediscover the […]

The ‘missing link’ for online sales?

[ SOURCE:  ] New Zealand-based internet applications developer Wired Internet has launched Online Shop Assistant, a world-first application which helps potential online customers qualify their purchase options by asking questions, much like a skilled in-store salesperson would. Wired Internet has identified camera sales as a market segment which lends itself to the Shop Assistant online sales […]